Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A List of links for Bluetooth Low Energy beginners

I had the pleasure of sharing my recent learnings about Bluetooth Low Energy in a Internet of Things meetup in Stockholm. It was inspired by a similar meetup held in San Fransisco back in October. I would like to share some learning resources for people who attended the meetup and this is what this post is about.

I would try to make this list grow over time.

Edit: I am dumping more links here from Droidcon Stockholm


First the basics. I think the best place to start and get excited is from youtube videos

 There are lots of videos from Bluetooth Tech channel, from home automation, security etc.

 If you want to go more in depth you can watch Robin Heydon from CSR do a really nice intro to BLE. This intro is similar to other webinars that are available out there. You should watch the whole series to get a basic idea

This following video presents BLE from a Linux perspective. I think it introduces too much detail without context, but can be worth watching for users who know their way around linux and have understood basics of BLE. Presentation in PDF is here.

 The following video shows difference between classic and low energy bluetooth

 A quick and fun way to get started with BLE is to play with TI Sensor Tag and an iOS device.

 Another way to get started with BLE is the Estimote app and kit (also on iOS)

 Of course if you are part of the iOS developer program, I would recommend you to watch WWDC talks on CoreBluetooth and CoreLocation from 2012 and 2013. There are talks from Google IO and Microsoft Build as well, but I think Apple talks are far better.

This new Android BLE tutorial from Double Encore BLE guru Dave Smith is really wonderful


  • First my hastily prepared presentation.

  • Robin Heydon's presentation (publicly accessible from


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