Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Micro-services: Learning resources.

I am currently working with/researching about micro-services software architecture (or approach to software architecture). There are tons of resources on the web but unfortunately very few of them are academic in nature. I hope that over the next coming months software/academic community will agree to have a standard definition (perhaps following a simple format similar to this one) for this topic as this subject is starting to get hot.

I personally think the name/term "micro-services" can be a bit misleading. Quite a lot of people I have talked to focus more on the word "micro" and not on the principles. I am all for light weight approaches to building software though. For the time being this term is trending and I don't see the term fading away time soon. See the buzz on twitter and youtube your self.

I hope to make this post as a learning resource for people new to micro-services. I will be curating this over a period of time (so don't expect this content to stay static ;). Please send suggestion on twitter @geoaxis or in comments.

Other lists

First of all, there are few other lists on the tubes that I would encourage you to browse

(Reading list at the end)

Academic Resources

Articles (these are in no particular order)

http://martinfowler.com/articles/microservices.html (Lewis/ Fowler: Probably the most quoted article on this subject)


Tool specific articles



Following are some videos that I have watched and think are worth watching
A whole series of videos explaining micro-services (mostly content for Lewis/Fowler)

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  1. Microservices Weekly (http://microservicesweekly.com) is a good soruce of summarized weekly list for microservices news and articles.