K8s Local Elastic Stack (ElasticSearch, Kibana, Filebeat and APM) for Spring Boot development

In my last post I cooked a small K8s based Spring boot application that used distributed caching. I have adapted the application to create a basic (micro?)service setup where service A calls service B.  To make sense of things I needed to see traces and logs for different cache hits and misses. I decided to try out Elastic stack locally since that is also what I use at work (albeit an older version). There are many ways to get this kind of setup to work locally (Docker compose, helm etc), but I decided to cook my own recipe based on ECK samples. I chose ECK since I wanted some thing that is supported and maintained for K8s. I also wanted to make it easy and repeatable for Windows platform since that is what I happen to use at work. While my example stack can be adapted to use with any framework, I will give test it with the Spring boot based caching demo  ( and perhaps later I can also add a fronted as well for RUM ). (A visualization of elastic stack, screenshot from  https://www.

Spring boot 2.5 and Hazelcast embdded distributed cache on k8s (ft Java11)

Learning the elastic stack: start of a journey.

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