A JavaFX based BLE app for raspberry pi 3

This tutorial will cover how to create a basic BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) central app on raspberry pi 3 using JavaFX (aka OpenJFX).  I will be using Liberica JDK11 Embedded for this tutorial. With Gluon 's commercial extensions and OpenJFX Monocle it is possible to run JavaFX app directly from console without X-Windows on raspberry pi (and it comes with all the bells and whistles of OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering without X-Windows).  I will use Spring boot with Lombok to make things easier when it comes to packaging and logging configuration, but  it is very much possible to do all of this as a vanilla JavaFX app. Gluon Embedded Stack on the the right, in comparison with X11. [ source ]   This post will not cover basics of any of the mentioned technologies. However there  are some links to useful resources at the very end. You can see a short demo of the application that I will cover in this tutorial here and checkout code for it here . This application is a work in progress an

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