This is probably my 10th blog reboot. My last one titled "back to rants" also signified a reboot. I did not have time in the last four years to muster up even a single post. It had old content that just did not resonate with me any more. So I decided to just scrap it all and start fresh. To me there is some thing beautiful about starting fresh, especially when it comes to content/code/creations. You learn from your mistakes, you refactor and make some things better.

But this got me curious about rebooting things in real life i.e. moving to a new country, starting a new job, picking up new habits and getting rid of old ones etc. I came across this interesting article about why the concept of fresh start are doomed to fail if your intention is to
"stand back" from your personality characteristics, nominate some of them for change, then set to work.

As for this blog I intend to at least post some thing every month. It is a good idea to write in general and writing consistently encourages seeking out new ideas, reading other people's blogs etc.

"Re-start required" by :: Wendy :: is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0